Tom Feary


Welcome to my blog. Regardless of how you found it, I appreciate your visit and time. Thanks for stopping in.

My name is Tom. I’m a middle-aged guy living in the Southeastern U.S. Along with two adult children, I have a 98-lb bloodhound/bully mix dog named Bella. She is snoring as I type this note, tightly wound in a ball on her bed in our office.

I’m publishing this blog primarily to practice my writing and think creatively. I’ve realized as I have gotten older that I enjoy writing and getting ideas out of my head helps me in other areas of my life.

Here you’ll find stories about travel, food, a cocktail or two, Bella, and visits to historical places. I may write about ancestry too, or about family. Although posts from my professional life may pop up, this isn’t by any means a business blog.

Commenting on posts is welcome. I approve comments before publishing for obvious reasons. If you leave a comment, please be patient while I sort through your notes.

If I reference a historical fact or recipe, I’ll do my best to cite a source. However, I may get caught up in the act of practicing the assignment. Go easy on me. 🙂

Enjoy my stories. I look forward to hearing from you.

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